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tisdag 19 januari 2016

Java (EE) in 2016 - A Community Conversation with Adam Bien

UPDATE: The video of the session is available!

Today we had a great virtual meet with Adam Bien using Ustream! It was the first time we tried out the Ustream platform which turned out to have very high quality sound and video. One drawback though was lag, which made our chat questions turning up at Adams side a few minutes later than expected (in fact, our video feed was lagging, not the chat).

We got Adams take on these questions and more:

-  What do you think a typical web application should look like? How should it be built?

- When using REST, which level of REST is appropriate when, is HATEOAS something to strive for, how to implement it?

- Which patterns do you recommend, hexagonal architecture, layers, ...?

- What do you think of the DDD strategic and tactical patterns?

- Microservices vs right-sized services, is transactions over several services always a bad idea?

- When use JSF? Is it still useful?

After the session we had a discussion about Adams replies and personal experiences from various enterprises. Thanks everyone for attending and sharing your experience, and thank you Adam!

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